Take power with solar systems

Harness the power of the sun

Incorporating a solar energy system into your energy plan is a key attribute of any Summit Power Systems’ plan. A properly designed, engineered and installed commercial solar energy system can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in electricity costs over the life of the equipment.

Cut the red tape

Our experts help you navigate the often confusing rebate and tax credit programs available to solar power producers. Summit Power Systems helps you understand the complex nature of solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which enable solar producers to sell power back to the local utility companies significantly reducing, if not completely eliminating, power bills.

Close the gap with battery storage solutions
Previously, battery technology was inefficient and costly but vast improvements in battery storage technology allows us to capture excess energy collected by solar arrays and save it for use on a cloudy day and after sunset to deploy during peak demand hours.

Applications for every industry

Summit Power Systems' plans put you in control of high-yield, reliable onsite energy systems designed for:
  • Commercial industrial office buildings
  • Agricultural operations
  • Healthcare and medical campuses
  • Food processing operation
  • Large retailers and commercial centers
  • Landfills
  • Data and call centers
  • Water treatment plants
  • Government complexes

Verifiable results and accelerated ROI

When you own your own power plant, you are not just off the grid, you are the grid. Tech innovations have put micro energy production within reach and Summit Power Systems portfolio of energy production solutions can offer a return on investment that is nothing less than never having to pay a power bill again.  

Take the power. Control your energy future.

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