Don't go off the grid.
Be the grid.
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When you own your own power generation, you are not just off the grid, you are the grid.
Tech innovations have put micro energy production within reach. Summit Power Systems' portfolio of solutions can offer a return on investment that is nothing less than never having to pay a power bill again.

Take the power. Control your energy future.


Diversify your energy portfolio and build your own power generating solutions with renewable energy resources. Insulate your enterprise from peaks and valleys in volatile energy markets and reduce your carbon footprint.


By developing your own power generation solutions, with a diverse portfolio of resources, you can mitigate risk, and isolate your operations from fluctuations in the public grid and reduce peak demand charges.


A Summit Power Systems' plan gives you measurable, high-yield benefits that were previously unthinkable. Our experts can design and build a complete, 100% reliable onsite energy production solution that will generate a ROI to pay for itself, fast.

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