Metering strategies that impact your bottom line

Do the math

Conducting a detailed energy metering audit with 100 percent accurate and verifiable data, is the crucial first step to conserving energy and lowering operating costs. As little as a 10 percent decrease in energy use could lead to a 1.5 percent increase in overall Net Operating Income (NOI).
According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in commercial buildings, electricity accounts for 61 percent of all energy consumed. This means, costs associated with space heating and cooling and lighting currently represent more than half of your commercial energy consumption.
Precise measurement and monitoring of your energy usage is the surest way to move the needle on energy savings.

Find your weak spots

Stop guessing. Allow Summit Power Systems' experts to design a system for ongoing and comprehensive energy metering audits. A precise and verifiable analysis of your energy usage:
  • Uncovers bad power quality issues. A major factor in reduced equipment life and more expensive maintenance cycles.
  • Gives you accurate modeling to make the best choices and save you money.
  • Shows you precisely which energy conservation measures, when implemented, will lower energy costs.
  • Optimizes your utility bill ensuring you are working with correct rate plans, avoiding hidden penalties or unnecessary taxes and fees, and looking out for rebate eligibility and recovery of overcharges.
  • Tells you if you’re paying more than your neighbors for the same power usage.
  • Tracks energy usage in real time to maintain future cost savings.

Applications for every industry

Summit Power Systems' plans put you in control of high-yield, reliable onsite energy systems designed for:
  • Commercial industrial office buildings
  • Agricultural operations
  • Healthcare and medical campuses
  • Food processing operation
  • Large retailers and commercial centers
  • Landfills
  • Data and call centers
  • Water treatment plants

Verifiable results and accelerated ROI

When you own your own power plant, you are not just off the grid, you are the grid. Tech innovations have put micro energy production within reach and Summit Power Systems portfolio of energy production solutions can offer a return on investment that is nothing less than never having to pay a power bill again.  

Take the power. Control your energy future.

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